Wood, being an organic material, has specific traits like no other building material. Every species has its own quirks, characteristics and recognizable grain patterns. Hardwood flooring always adapts to its environment and will move, change and actually improve over time.


Brenda Pringle specializes in:


No other flooring is more sought after than antique reclaimed materials. With a story to tell, 100% reclaimed flooring adds an individual look to a space that is unmatched by any contemporary flooring product. Rescued from warehouses, salvaged from barns, mills and other weathered recyclable structures these resources provide raw lumber for reclaimed building materials. These spectacular woods find a “second life” as floors in today’s homes and commercial spaces and infuse a sense of history and a unique aged charm. 



Solid hardwood flooring materials are one piece of ¾” wood with tongue and groove sides. Solid wood flooring is available in almost any species and can be factory finished or finished on site. Because solid floors are milled from raw lumber, they respond to humidity and moisture as nature intended them to. In humid conditions the floor will swell and in drier climates the floor will shrink. Environmental conditions should be carefully considered when choosing solid hardwood floors.



Engineered hardwood floors are fabricated by gluing and pressing multiple ply layers of wood together. Then, a top hardwood wear layer is glued and pressed onto the core. Typically engineered hardwood floors remain more dimensionally stable in the face of humidity and temperature fluctuations than solid wood floors, especially when installed over a radiant heated floor system. Engineered flooring is available in almost any species and has the same resale value as a solid ¾” floor when selling a home or commercial space.



Imported from South America, Australia, Asia and Africa, exotic flooring has a very dramatic appearance and a variety of grain patterns, colors and grades. Most exotic hardwood importers are committed to preserving rain forests, renewing natural resources, sustainable forest practices and securing timber that is inspected under governmental guidelines. Brenda Pringle only provides exotic woods that meet these standards.