Most of today’s wood floors are finished with stain and several topcoats. There is an endless array of stain colors and layering stain applications as well as  custom treatments such as smoking, fuming and surface hand planing. Generally, stains will blend natural characteristics in hardwood floors, while clear finishes bring out these qualities making grain patterns more pronounced.


Finishes, typically urethane, remain on the floor surface and form a durable, water resistant coat that protects the wood from foot traffic, dirt and wear. Available are water based, oil based, wax finishes, UV cured finishes and penetrating and hardening oils, each having distinct benefits and appearances.  Brenda Pringle recognizes every project as unique and can provide options and suggestions to make your floor one-of-a-kind.


Most hardwood species are available as engineered or solid prefinished flooring with a vast selection of stains and finishes from which to choose.


Wood floors are very easy to care for thanks to today’s finishes. Regular maintenance requires little more than dust mopping, sweeping or vacuuming, and periodic cleaning with a professional wood floor cleaner. The new wood cleaners available today work extremely well and are available at most grocery and hardware stores. Never wax a surface-finished floor, and never use vinyl or tile floor care products on any wood floor.  Remember, always protect the floor from moisture and have floor protection mats in heavy traffic areas. Wood is the only choice for a floor that’s beautiful, durable, affordable, safe and good for you!