With a background in Fine Arts, vast construction experience and wood species knowledge, Brenda Pringle designs flooring solutions that are beautiful, innovative and relevant to each space and client. Choosing a flooring material is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make. A hardwood floor is the foundation of the home in design, appearance, color and also construction. The unique scope of project conditions, applications and installation methods provide endless choices.  For residential and commercial projects alike, Brenda provides honest opinions and professional advice from initial concept through final finish.

Ever-changing circumstances in the building industry require awareness of and proficiency with a wide range of flooring materials, assemblies and subfloor systems . Floor installations involve a level of complexity beyond that of a finish material. Whether integrating with new construction or an extensive remodel, the intricate details of the complete subfloor assembly must be understood and pre-planned during the initial stages of the project. Radiant in-floor heat systems, acoustics and finished floor dimensions are a few of the critical components requiring navigation to ensure a properly functioning and aesthetic hardwood flooring system that lasts for years to come.


Brenda provides:

  • A wealth of knowledge across wood species worldwide and a careful evaluation of those inherent wood features crucial to a project's success.

  • Experienced guidance throughout the budgeting process.

  • Seamless sourcing of materials to achieve a desired look or effect.

  • Pre-construction expertise for integrating a flooring system into your project and competitive value engineered project costs.

  • Wood species specification recommendations and evaluation of subfloor assemblies.

  • Careful analysis of environmental and job site conditions to determine the optimal time to begin installation.

  • A finger on the pulse of today’s building industry best practices and expert guidance when using green materials.

  • Direct supervision, from project inception, during installation, and through to project completion.

  • Whether remodeling, refinishing or installing hardwood floors for the first time, Brenda Pringle brings practical experience and insight to your project, far beyond the average flooring distributor or contractor. A beautiful and appropriate hardwood floor designed and installed with attention to every detail — on time and on budget — with superior client service is the goal of every Brenda Pringle project.

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